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Waking up the World!


We have a problem. Since the mainstream media is effectively boycotting the 9/11 Truth movement, or worse, since it is usually mentioned, if at all, as a loony conspiracy theory with a wacko fringe, how can we make progress in waking up America? Legal actions are possible, but very slow and expensive. Political actions are even slower and more expensive. We got Obama in office, and that could help a great deal, but we can’t rely on him, or anyone else, to do it for us. We have to be the change.

What we really need to change the current situation is many more people, about four times the current number of people who already are awake, enough to be a clearly visible majority. I believe the solution to achieving due process and radical change, rooting out the deep infestation of evil and all levels of acquiescence, will have to involve a groundswell of awakened individuals, and the bigger the better.

Here are a few polls about 9/11 (also see 9/11 public opinion polls ).

So about 15% of Americans in 2006, and maybe 20% now, are aware of the 9/11 inside job. About 40-50% are suspicious, believing the government has not told all the truth, but little do they know how deep and pervasive the lie is. Still, they are willing to listen, if we provide the right info to set them on the path to truth.

We need to change the 20% into 80%, to make it a clear majority, and then we will have a far easier time pushing for investigations, etc. That means that every one of us who is already awake needs to wake up 3 more people. Just 3. I expect that most of the 20% is fairly well committed to the cause already, but not able to do much, and staying quiet about it, and many may be demoralized, believing they are virtually alone and there is no hope of change. We need to find those people as well, and get them involved. Making progress is the best remedy for not making progress.

But how do we raise more awareness about 9/11 truth?

We still have the internet, and we each have dozens of friends and family on the internet. Collectively, by the small-world network effect, we have access to the entire country in only a few hops. And as a matter of fact, the best way to communicate with others and convince them of anything is one-on-one, especially other people we know and trust, and especially since we can’t do much publicly without receiving counter-productive bad publicity. So we already have exactly the right resource ready and waiting for us.

Focus on waking up everyone you know personally. And for each person you find who already knows the truth, encourage them to do the same with their friends and family.

It really shouldn’t be so hard. Once awakened, the motivation is automatically there to want to spread the word to others, after getting over the despondent withdrawal from naive reality, and then the hesitancy of coming out. I know it was in my case. But I would encourage people to learn as much as they can first, to gain confidence and be better ‘armed’ to wake up the hypnotized and defiant victims they are likely to come in contact with. It might be best to simply avoid the obfuscators and miscreants, the front-line apologists for the official lies who must know what they are doing. There aren’t that many of them compared to all the rest of us.

Just like a pyramid marketing scheme, you should encourage your awakened followers to come back to you for additional help, and we can collectively find whatever resources we need. I am focusing on the physics issues, for example, and I am anxious to educate anyone who wants to learn.

By working our way through the social network, we should also seek out those who were peripherally involved in the actual operation of 9/11, those who were just doing their jobs and following orders and maybe wondering what really happened. We need those people to tell us what they know, first privately, then publicly, to collectively encourage the next level up, those who did know what was going on, to reveal what they are understandably afraid to acknowledge. A few courageous pioneers have gone public, but most will need to see the support of their communities and the nation before they are willing to risk exposure.

And believe it or not, I think we need to help those who knowingly participated in 9/11 to admit why they did it, why they felt they were forced to do it because the consequences of not doing so might have been far worse. What’s really going on here? Bilderberg and their plan for a New World Order are not exactly public, but they almost have a ‘grandfather knows best’ image, which strikes me as a cover story for something else. Or maybe it is simple callous greed combined with colossal incompetence and criminal negligence. Whatever… we can’t afford to let it go and it’s got to stop!

The time is now, and it starts with you, and everyone you know.

Wake Up World!

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