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About 9/11 Truth Awakening

The truth about 9/11 is awakening all across America and around the world.  It has been happening ever since the tragic events of that day.  It is a gradual evolutionary crawl, not a sudden revolutionary leap.   It is a process of waking up each person individually, dealing with the shock of realization, coming to grips with the reality of what we face, finding others to support us in our exploration, and gathering together to unite us in strength and collective wisdom.

This site explores the awakening process itself, how it happens and how it is progressing.  The purpose is not to address the facts of 9/11 truth so much as the experience of how we come to discover them, how we reconcile the conflicts with our previous beliefs, and how we collectively reinforce the status quo by resisting any change, especially a change as revolutionary as what 9/11 truth forces us to make.

You are invited to participate in any way that you feel most comfortable, to share your stories, to find the stories of others, or to find the best ways to help wake up more people.

We are focusing on the psychological and sociological issues that many people have also talked about and written about elsewhere, and I thought it would be good to collect them together, to gather the forces.  I know there must be many more stories waiting to come out, looking for an audience, searching for a community.

9/11 Truth Awakening is a phenomenon of our time, and spreading awareness of the awakening itself makes it stronger.

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