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Daniel LaLiberte – 2008-12-31


My 9/11 Truth Awakening – written on 2008-12-31:

It has been almost two months since I realized the truth of the 9/11 official lies. It is still fresh in my mind, still filling my days with many concerns, and filling every available spare moment with thoughts of “what can I do to help people wake up?” Ironically, it was immediately after we elected Obama, when I was perhaps most relieved that we have a hope of repairing years of damage, that my thoughts and wanderings started leading me toward investigating what I had long suspected.

In the weeks that followed 9/11, as we witnessed the unrelenting grief of the survivors, a recurring flooding emotion shouted in my head, “What are we doing to ourselves?” Though it was clear to me from the outset that we weren’t getting the full story, maybe they had their reasons, and I trustingly bought into the official story, and fully expected a proper investigation would be done. Over the years since then, I occasionally looked into what people had learned, always curious about what the conspiracy theories were claiming, but nothing grabbed my attention long enough, and life went on.

What finally got me to wake up was the presentation by Richard Gage.  I am willing to listen to the wildest of ideas, but I must see fairly solid proof to convince me, especially when the stakes are so high. The weight of the 9/11 evidence now available helped set the stage, but it was the physical impossibility of a near-free-fall collapse that grounded all speculation in undeniable reality. For me, that’s all I needed, and it was blindingly obvious once I saw it. How is it that so many people missed this simple fact all this time?

Even so, I questioned it again and again, and I had to reaffirm it in my mind each time, because the implications were so horrible to contemplate. How vast and deep is this conspiracy? As I asked years before, but now from this new perspective, “What are we doing to ourselves?”

Carrying on day to day, I wondered who else among my neighbors, fellow commuters, and co-workers might know this tragic truth already, and whose side are they on? Such thoughts might border on paranoia, but strangely, I was not at all fearful. Yes, I was partly suspicious of everyone and everything. How many people willingly participated, aware of what they were doing? But the gravity of the situation demanded a different attitude – danger was irrelevant, finding the truth and sharing it with others was paramount.

I decided that most people were not aware, or maybe they were trying not to be aware, just doing their jobs, following orders. That is not an excuse since they should have been aware and taken action. But the more pervasive problem is the “rest of us”, all the hypnotized sheeple, who helplessly believed what they were told, reacting in the expected way, and supporting the call for war.

The war didn’t go so well, but despite growing suspicions, most people are still unaware of what really happened on 9/11. How do we get the message out and raise awareness when the media itself still believes in the official lies?

I can’t stop now that I know the truth, but I am being selective in who I tell. Partly, I expect my friends to react with some amusement that I am now a “conspiracy theorist”. But breaking down the barriers and waking people up seems to require convincing them one at a time, working through doubts, and building a new trust in a different way of viewing the world.

It’s been an amazing journey for me so far, sometimes dark and lonely, but mostly full of incredible surprises, realizing connections with many other world events including the global financial crisis we now find ourselves in, finding others of like mind, and making plans for a better future. I remain hopeful, but I urge everyone: share what you know with everyone you know, and learn from them as well. That’s how we will work through this dire situation, defeat the real evil-doers, and build true global peace.

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