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In Response to Anger


I am 100% confident that most people don’t know what is happening and how they are contributing by going along with it, and their only fault, though not an excuse, is not waking up. We have to help them, but I don’t believe that scaring them into co-creating exactly the situation that would justify violent action against us is the right way.

If martial law is imposed on us, it will happen in a way that appears justified to the vast majority, the willing sheeple. That’s why they will go along with it. If we don’t give the evil doers a pretense, at least they will have to create the illusion themselves, which of course we know they can do and have done. But I still say don’t give them an excuse to make it any easier.

There is a fine line between expressing righteous anger over an injustice and appearing to be a participant in the events that led to the anger.  E.g. shoot the messenger. If you want war, it’s never far away. Of course we don’t want war, but how do we ‘fight’ the push to war in a way that avoids the very war we are trying to avoid?

Compassion is so difficult to find sometimes, but understand how little they understand, and rectify that. We have to wake up America – it is the only route to peace I can see.

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