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How do we make a real difference?


How do we make a difference? How do we change the path we are on and address the deep underlying problems we face?

We have exactly the right set of people to contact as potential new awakees – our friends and family. Communication and conversion is best done one-on-one with other people we know and trust, our friends and family We all have our social networks, and a large percentage of the US is now online. I don’t recommend spamming anyone, however, unless you have the kind of friends who wouldn’t mind. Maybe they are following you on Twitter, or watching your facebook page, or reading their LinkedIn updates. Just put up notices of your position, and let them all know what you are up to. Contact them as you would normally, and raise the subject.

Write your own message (or forward this one) to other 9/11 groups that you are a member of, encouraging everyone to do the same. Make it viral.

Tell your friends and family what you know, being honest about what you do not yet know, and that at the very least we need more investigation. If they are open to it, direct them to the many resources available to learn more.

Why do we have to do it this way? I am afraid that the opposition is so strong and deeply rooted that we will have a very difficult time raising awareness in public, and it can often be counter-productive given all the disinformation out there. We need the vast majority of people on our side, and the only way to communicate to make that happen is outside of the public media and forums. So we have to make this work. We have to each do our part as individuals to make this work. YOU have to do your part, and I have to do my part. It is not hard, but it is our responsibility.

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