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Raising Awareness: Why We Shouldn’t Take It For Granted


from Raising Awareness: Why We Shouldn’t Take It For Granted

by Tim Hjersted

A dangerous thing can occur when you start learning about what’s really going on in the world. The problems start to seem so complex, and you’re just one person, doubts begin to creep in. You sincerely want to help change the world, but from all this knowledge you start to believe that the world is too out of control and too big to change, so you end up not doing anything.

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Right-Wing Authoritarians vs The Truth


I’d always assumed and fully expected that we could convince people of the truth (of 9/11 or anything else) by showing them the evidence, and leading them through the logic of what we can deduce from the evidence, helping them to think like scientists.   The basics of the science are not that difficult.  But I’m frequently very frustrated by complete lack of success, dramatic failure even, and the harder I try, the more frustrated I get with very little, if any, satisfaction. Read more…

The Global Political Awakening


A very broad and penetrating series of articles by Andrew Gavin Marshall touches on the connections between 9/11 Truth Awakening and the bigger picture of global awakening regarding all aspects of our politics and civilization, such as it is.  I am quoting extensively from the relevant sections, but please read the  articles for the full context and details.

Excerpts from “The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom Part 1: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order” by Andrew Gavin Marshall.

There is a new and unique development in human history that is taking place around the world; it is unprecedented in reach and volume, and it is also the greatest threat to all global power structures: the ‘global political awakening.’  […]

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The Joy of Conspiracy Denial


Carol Cleveland wrote a very perceptive article on, May 2009, called “The Joy of Conspiracy Denial“.  It should be noted that the official story is about a conspiracy as well, so the title is misleading.  But so thoroughly are we, collectively, in denial of conspiracies that we tend to forget or even deny that that story was about a conspiracy.

Quoting a couple of the most pertinent paragraphs:

“So the psychological comforts of the official story are several and real: you get a clearly defined enemy, a simple solution to a complex foreign policy problem, you get to feel morally superior to your enemy because you’re more civilized and don’t kill civilians, and finally, if you know something of the history of American policy in the Near East, you get to feel superior to those who don’t.”

“It’s entirely understandable that any American should believe the official 9-11 story. And, of course, to consider seriously for an instant that there could be something seriously wrong with that story, to imagine that as possible, really does change everything, just like 9-11 itself. If there’s a chance that Americans colluded in those horrors, then the entire mental structure of our sanity, which we’ve lived in all our lives, has a serious crack, a San Andreas Fault, right down the middle. If we think it possible that “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” then everything previously unthinkable is thinkable.”

Who do Americans Trust?


Is it a surprise that 4 out of 5 Americans don’t trust the government [“Majority of Americans distrust government“, April 2010].   Back in 2006, there was a little more trust, and further back, even more [several national surveys on “Values“].    This distrust of government seems to be getting “worse” lately, and maybe it is not difficult for us to understand why.    In a way, this is good news to those of us who know how little our elected representatives deserve our trust.  People are questioning what they are told – and that is what we need a lot more of.

But who do we trust?  Doctors and nurses rate the highest, people we know personally who we trust with our very lives.   I think it is a good sign that we do trust those we really must rely on.   An interesting tension arises when we cross our distrust in government with our trust in the medical profession, but that is a subject for another blog.

Over Half of Americans Say They Tend not to Trust the Press” in March 2008.  And by November 2009, that distrust had risen to 77% [see the Values page again].   Anyone who knows how a story did not get reported fairly or accurately, whether it is about 9/11 or anything else, has acquired a healthy disregard for trusting what the main-stream media have been feeding us.  However, another “Poll finds Americans trust Fox News more than any other network“.  Gack!  But why?  Well, it turns out the republicans trust their favorite network much more than the democrats trust theirs, CNN.  OK, I can believe that.

But who do we trust the most, of all the people we come in contact with?   “Who do people trust? (It ain’t bloggers)”  reports on market research studies highlighted by the book Groundswell that asked how much people trust various sources of information (about products or services, in this case) .  It is abundantly clear that people trust their friends and acquaintances (including family) the most.

But don’t just believe me about any of this.  After all, I am just another random blogger you don’t know.  Ask yourself, who do you trust?  And who do you know who trusts you?

How do we make a real difference?


How do we make a difference? How do we change the path we are on and address the deep underlying problems we face?

We have exactly the right set of people to contact as potential new awakees – our friends and family. Communication and conversion is best done one-on-one with other people we know and trust, our friends and family We all have our social networks, and a large percentage of the US is now online. I don’t recommend spamming anyone, however, unless you have the kind of friends who wouldn’t mind. Maybe they are following you on Twitter, or watching your facebook page, or reading their LinkedIn updates. Just put up notices of your position, and let them all know what you are up to. Contact them as you would normally, and raise the subject.

Write your own message (or forward this one) to other 9/11 groups that you are a member of, encouraging everyone to do the same. Make it viral.

Tell your friends and family what you know, being honest about what you do not yet know, and that at the very least we need more investigation. If they are open to it, direct them to the many resources available to learn more.

Why do we have to do it this way? I am afraid that the opposition is so strong and deeply rooted that we will have a very difficult time raising awareness in public, and it can often be counter-productive given all the disinformation out there. We need the vast majority of people on our side, and the only way to communicate to make that happen is outside of the public media and forums. So we have to make this work. We have to each do our part as individuals to make this work. YOU have to do your part, and I have to do my part. It is not hard, but it is our responsibility.

In Response to Anger


I am 100% confident that most people don’t know what is happening and how they are contributing by going along with it, and their only fault, though not an excuse, is not waking up. We have to help them, but I don’t believe that scaring them into co-creating exactly the situation that would justify violent action against us is the right way.

If martial law is imposed on us, it will happen in a way that appears justified to the vast majority, the willing sheeple. That’s why they will go along with it. If we don’t give the evil doers a pretense, at least they will have to create the illusion themselves, which of course we know they can do and have done. But I still say don’t give them an excuse to make it any easier.

There is a fine line between expressing righteous anger over an injustice and appearing to be a participant in the events that led to the anger.  E.g. shoot the messenger. If you want war, it’s never far away. Of course we don’t want war, but how do we ‘fight’ the push to war in a way that avoids the very war we are trying to avoid?

Compassion is so difficult to find sometimes, but understand how little they understand, and rectify that. We have to wake up America – it is the only route to peace I can see.

Waking up the World!


We have a problem. Since the mainstream media is effectively boycotting the 9/11 Truth movement, or worse, since it is usually mentioned, if at all, as a loony conspiracy theory with a wacko fringe, how can we make progress in waking up America? Legal actions are possible, but very slow and expensive. Political actions are even slower and more expensive. We got Obama in office, and that could help a great deal, but we can’t rely on him, or anyone else, to do it for us. We have to be the change.

What we really need to change the current situation is many more people, about four times the current number of people who already are awake, enough to be a clearly visible majority. I believe the solution to achieving due process and radical change, rooting out the deep infestation of evil and all levels of acquiescence, will have to involve a groundswell of awakened individuals, and the bigger the better. Read more…

Daniel LaLiberte – 2008-12-31


My 9/11 Truth Awakening – written on 2008-12-31:

It has been almost two months since I realized the truth of the 9/11 official lies. It is still fresh in my mind, still filling my days with many concerns, and filling every available spare moment with thoughts of “what can I do to help people wake up?” Ironically, it was immediately after we elected Obama, when I was perhaps most relieved that we have a hope of repairing years of damage, that my thoughts and wanderings started leading me toward investigating what I had long suspected. Read more…