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9/11 Truth, “Conspiracy Theories” and the Crisis of Communication


From 9/11 Truth, “Conspiracy Theories” and the Crisis of Communication by Saman Mohammadi.

A psychological gap exists between the people who accept the truth that 9/11 was an inside job and the people who can not come to the same conclusion because it is too painful, depressing, and earth-shattering. I have made it my personal mission in life, along with thousands of other people, to bridge this psychological gap so that people see the 9/11 event from an entirely different perspective – from the innocent victims’ point of view, not from the evil government conspirators’ point of view.


As a result of the psychological divide between 9/11 truth tellers and 9/11 truth deniers there is a spiritual and emotional divide between people in modern Western culture. We have forgotten how to speak to each other. Instead of engaging in thoughtful discussions about politics people automatically use the words “cranks” “conspiracy theorists” and “racists” to smear anyone who disagrees with government narratives, especially liberals who should know better. […]

Liberals’ hostility to criticism of the Federal Reserve and 9/11 truth is anti-liberal. I expect conservatives to religiously trust the voices of authority and unquestioningly accept what they say because conservatives like to go with the flow, but it is disappointing to see that liberals are matching conservatives’ blind ignorance.
What all this means is that the categories of liberal and conservative are no longer relevant political terms. We have to communicate with each other and define each other with a whole new political perspective. Northop Frye said that there is “a built-in wisdom in the human mind, which is a part of its need to survive,” (1). I think many of us are tapping into this built-in wisdom. It is something we must do because the prospect of a new world war threatens human survival and human civilization.
The reality that the truth about 9/11 reveals, which unnerves a lot of people, is that the social-political order is man made and artificial. The representatives of the war establishment said “Let There Be Terror,” and there was terror on 9/11. They then said “Let There be WMDS,” but their magic power failed them because no WMDs were found in Iraq. Now they are saying “Let There Be An Iranian Nuclear Bomb,” to start a war with Iran and create a total war in the Middle East. Frye said: “The word comes first. The event follows,” (2).
1. David Cayley. 1992. Northrop Frye in Conversation. Anansi Press. Pg. 219.
2. Ibid. Pg. 194.
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